Rainbow + Black Bedroom decor

My foster toddler loves rainbows, he gets a real joy every time he sees one, so when I decided to paint his bedroom, the colour scheme was a no brainer.

I went with British Paints, as they were the only supplier who offered such a bright colour, other supplies were a lot more toned down, the last thing I wanted was a wishy washy rainbow. British Paints are my dream paint supplier, I love how the paint chip you give them is literally the colour that you get in the pots. They are thick and smooth, painting with this paint is a dream.

I chose a red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, and violet, and got sample pots of each. My foster son only has two full walls in his bedroom, the other two are taken up with a built in wardrobe and a large double window, so I knew that I would not need a lot of paint.

I decided on a bubble pattern, in various sizes and colours, for the main wall, and it turned out great! For the opposite wall, I chose black, which I then painted a mural onto, using the rainbow colours. The mural will grow as my foster son does, adding a new image or icon with each new obsession, until it becomes a living history of his likes.

paint (1) (2)

IMG_2207 (2)

IMG_2238 (2)

IMG_2213 (2)

IMG_2242 (2)

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