Book Review: Summer At Forget-Me-Not Cottage

BLURB: Morgan Rosewood finds herself at a crossroads in her life after returning home to Forget-Me-Not Cottage to care for her ailing mother. She and boyfriend Ronan, had plans, big plans, but all these hopes and dreams are put on hold when Morgan's mum suddenly dies.  Morgan’s emotions are in turmoil but she sets about the task of clearing … Continue reading Book Review: Summer At Forget-Me-Not Cottage

Book Review: The Accidental Housemate

BLURB: Cath Beckinsale is in a jam. She’s a single mum of three, with her 40th birthday in sight and a precarious hold on employment. And she can’t quite let go of her late husband Gaz, whose ashes are still in an urn on the kitchen table. To make ends meet a student lodger seems … Continue reading Book Review: The Accidental Housemate

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning everyone, welcome back to my little blog.  After a couple of years away from blogging I have decided to return, starting with this lovely Happy Homemaker Monday series again. Let's get straight into it. ♥♥ The Weather ♥♥  Cold, winter has finally arrived! Monday - Sunny, 19 degrees Celsius. Tuesday - Sunny, 21 degrees Celsius. Wednesday - … Continue reading Happy Homemaker Monday

Fish and Chips

I live in a place where there are no good fish and chip shops. There are two or three that sell hot chips, but they are pretty basic. It is one of the things that I really miss about living near the ocean, even though it was a rare treat, the chips and fish were … Continue reading Fish and Chips

Fruit Trees

I have added a few more trees to my garden, a second lemon tree, a second orange tree, a mandarin tree, a mulberry tree, a passionfruit vine, and if you can believe it, a banana tree! They are all looking good so far, hopefully in years to come they will help to cool the garden … Continue reading Fruit Trees