Fluffy CLouds

I adore my perfect fluffy scones, made of only four ingredients, the best compliment that I have ever received about them was that they were so light and fluffy it was like eating clouds. So easy to make, and super yummy! Do you have a classic go to recipe that you could make blindfolded? One … Continue reading Fluffy CLouds

Coffee Shop Fun

The obsession continues! I decided that my ever growing collection of miniature doll houses and single rooms needed a shop to help with the whole village vibe, and what better than a nice, traditional, corner coffee shop, where the servers know your name and your table is always waiting for you. The frame for this … Continue reading Coffee Shop Fun

Cactus Bloom

One day each year, this blooms.

Cream Buns

As a young teenager, I used to love having a cream bun from the local bakery, it was an occasional treat on the walk home from work, which is why I was excited to try my hand at actually baking my own.

Nature’s Palette

I'm rather obsessed with photographing the sky!