Watermelon Dessert

It is the hottest November we have ever had here, literally! It is only spring



Noumea is an interesting little place, very pretty in the touristy areas, where they keep the slums hidden.  We took the Tchou Tchou Train around the island on a short discovery tour.  We learnt some interesting facts from our guide, such as: in Noumea you start school at age 3; and attend from 7:30am until […]



Nadi was so much prettier than I had expected, considering our previous ports so far.  We anchored off Port Denarau, and took a bus to Nadi. We took part in a coconut demonstration, where we saw a coconut being husked, the milk extracted from the flesh, and a basket made from the leaves.  We also […]



Suva was so much worse than anything I have ever seen. If I had known how horrific it was, I would never have stepped off the ship! It is an overcrowded, grubby place, full of slums and disadvantages.Not a place we will be in a hurry to return to.     


Lovely Lotus

Just as with the other napkin folds, your napkin does not have to be a perfect square. It does, however, need to be either made from a stiff fabric, or well starched, as this helps to keep the shape. Start with a square napkin. Fold all the points into the middle, like so. Fold the […]