Alice Springs


I received such a lovely and unexpected compliment from a friend the other day, it took me by surprise. It is always nice when others notice our efforts, or share something that they really like or admire about us. For context, I have lost 15 kilos since November, just by walking every. single. day. Who […]


Mini Love

We all have things that we love and collect, that others think are odd, and for me, those things are miniature food items. Specifically, Little Shop items from Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy and England. I also love Zuru Mini Brands, which are from the USA. I have amassed quite a collection, and yes, […]


Desert Sunrise

I love when the seasons change in the desert and the days start to become cooler (high 30s instead of high 40s), as the sky also turns on an amazing display of artistic talent, vibrant pinks and purples and oranges, a palette of gorgeousness just begging to be captured in photographs!