Katy Gaza

I am a craft obsessed, fiction writing, gorgeous looking, avid reader. I am passionate about home cooking and travelling, adventures and photography, making a difference and the pursuit of knowledge. I am currently living in Australia’s desert, surrounded by red dirt and endless clear skies, where I joyfully and fiercely homeschool my gifted son, providing him with a quality education he would be unable to access otherwise.

Life Hack

Do your kids like sandwiches with devon, or other round lunch meats? This hack is for you! Take two round slices of meat and cut them both in half. Place the straight edge against the edge of the bread as in the photo below. There you have it, no more empty bread.  


Reading Pile

Are you self isolating? Reading? What is on your TBR list? I confess that I have several TBR piles scattered around my house, some are books I have chosen for pleasure, some for research for my next novel, and some are informative. On this pile, I am most looking forward to reading Knitting Block by […]