Fish and Chips

I live in a place where there are no good fish and chip shops. There are two or three that sell hot chips, but they are pretty basic. It is one of the things that I really miss about living near the ocean, even though it was a rare treat, the chips and fish were always amazing!

With no travel for goodness knows how much longer, my soul was desperate to get away from the desert, longing to get back ‘home’. So I did the next best thing: I taught myself how to make crumbed fish, and boy oh boy, talk about amazeballs!

Perfectly golden on the outside, beautiful and flaky on the inside, and oh so scrumptious!

From talking the ingredients from the fridge to eating, takes about an hour, but it totally worth it. The family wolf them down, drizzled with the juice of a lemon from our tree, with a side order of chips. There are never any leftovers on fish and chips night.

Having received such a great result, I now make these about once a fortnight, and my darling teen has just started to learn the crumbing recipe and process, although he is scared of the hot oil (who can blame him) he does like to help cook and bake if he can.

You can crumb your fish fillets whole, but I like the cut my fish into strips, it is more of a no cutlery required dish that way, and therefore more like a ‘proper’ fish and chips meal along the beach front.

What new recipe have you learnt recently?


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