Camping Time!

In an attempt to give the kids something fun to play with, I decided that we should set up the tent.

I opted for the front yard, under the car port, so the kids could play in there any time of the day. We strung some Christmas lights up, laid down a base of thick cardboard, and pitched the tent.

The kids have been in and out of it every day since. There have been mattresses and pillows taken in and out, door flaps opened and shut, dogs allowed in and then banished, even a night actually spent sleeping out there, for the teen at least.

I made us all a campers meal last night, I thought my containers were inspired lol!

camping (1)

Here is Mr 3, next to his ‘fire’, keeping warm. You can’t see it, but we also had a blue cellophane ‘river’ that he kept washing his hands in. He used a rock as the soap, bless him!

camping (2)