Happy Homemaker Monday

Today I am linking up with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom, for Happy Homemaker Monday.
d75a58b8dc30a275bb0ae1e281fdd130The Weather…


On The Breakfast Plate This Morning…

Coffee and some toast later.

Right Now I Am…

Watching “The Great British Bake Off” as I type this up.

On My Bedside Table…

Two textbooks on writing.

On My Reading Pile…


Some are for pleasure reading, and some are for research for my next novel.

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend…

“The Great British Bake Off” keeps me company in the evenings as I write.

On The Menu This Week…

Monday: Baked fish with baked potatoes.

Tuesday: Chicken breasts with vegetables.

Wednesday: Toad in the hole with vegetables.

Thursday: Grilled fish with vegetables.

Friday: Shepherd’s pie with vegetables.

Saturday: If It’s (if it is there you can eat it).

Sunday: Lamb stew.

On My To Do List..

Finish editing my manuscript.

Submit some short story competition entries.

Start my entry for the Furphy writing competition.

Transfer loose recipes into my hand written recipe journal.

In The Craft Basket…

More squares of my knitting blanket.

Getting started on Wyatt’s birthday (August) invites.

Looking Forward To…


Looking Around My House…

There are signs everywhere of just how much the world has changed in so short a time frame. I have never been more relieved that I have the skills to care for my boys. I can sew by hand or machine, I can knit, I can bake from scratch, I can cook over open flame, I can repair my house, I can barter, and I can perform basic first aid. I have no fear that I can feed and clothe my boys in the uncertain months to come. I am a scrimper and saver, and have no fear of rationing, I already have all of my ‘basic’ recipes ready to go. I am blessed to have these outdated skills of homemaking, when many do not. I fear for those I know who have no homemaker skills, I worry about how they will fair in the months to come, with businesses shuttered and the economy forecast to take 18 months or so to recover. There will be hard times ahead, as long as I can keep the mortgage payments covered, I know we will be fine.

From My Camera…


Dusk in my backyard.

My Simple Pleasure…


Favourite Quote…

He will give His angels charge of Thee and they will guard you in your every way.

Psalm 91:11.


  1. Shellie Almond

    I really enjoyed stopping by! I am like you I have the same skills you have to care for my family need be! I was always obsessed with the 1800’s! I have studied and learned how to things the same way they would have!
    I am praying for you and your family the weeks and months to come!

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  2. kenzieandcoy

    I’m with you. It’s nice having the skills to take care of your family. Too many people now a days don’t know how to. I plan on catching up on some sewing and hopefully teaching myself how to knit.
    Have a great week!


  3. Tamy

    So sorry I’m late! I’ve been avoiding the computer quite a bit and filling it with other activities. According to my weekly report my screen time was down 23% so hopefully that’s why I’m running so late. I hope you had a GREAT week and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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