Kitchen Reno For Under $50!

I updated my kitchen bench this week, for less than $50, and what a difference it makes!

My old benchtop was craftwood, painted black, and completely out of place in my house. It was, like a lot of things in my fixer upper, made by the previous owners, who had a rather interesting way of constructing things.

For example, the entire house was painted black and grey, and there were odd shaped shelves in every room – except the walk in pantry! Everything is attached with 12 inch nails, and botched together to fit in spaces way too small. In any case, the past five years of home ownership have entailed discovering and fixing these little foibles.

Back to the kitchen bench, it was one of those things that has needed doing for months now, but I never had the time to really tackle the project.

I found a 3m x 2m piece of vinyl offcut for $10, bought some vinyl glue for $20, and the rest was elbow grease. The bench top was sanded, washed, and dried; the vinyl measured and cut.

Once the glue had been applied and the vinyl secured, I weighed them down overnight, using pavers from the backyard. All up it took a day to complete, allowing for drying time.

The results are amazing! It looks like a new kitchen, and the best thing is, they are so easy to keep clean! I want to cover everything in vinyl now.