My Stockpile

I feel as if I can’t turn on the news without hearing about fights breaking out over toilet paper, or shoppers unable to purchase pasta, baby wipes, bleach or rice.

For years I have stockpiled as a matter of course. Not in fear of the apocalypse or in preparation for going off grid, but rather because it just makes sense.

I live in the middle of Australia, in an isolated town approximately 2000 kilometres to the closest city. There is one road in or out. One train line. One airport serviced by one airline. If it is hot the road and train tracks buckle, and we are cut off. If it rains the road and train tracks flood, and we are cut off.

I am also the mother of two sons. My sweet foster toddler is Aboriginal, and therefore predisposed to certain health issues, including the heart murmur he has. My precious teen has a variety of medical issues, including ASD, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and an auto immune disorder. Although both of my children are fully vaccinated, I can’t take the risk of either of them getting ill. I stock up so when flu season hits, we can hibernate at home.

We do not have the luxury of choice.

So I stockpile. I shop the specials. If I have shampoo on the shopping list and it is half price, I buy two. That way I spend what I would have normally spent, but I get one to add to my reserves.

I am lucky enough to have a large house, including a walk in pantry, with plenty of storage. Even if you don’t, you can still stockpile. A couple of plastic tubs can hold quite a lot of food, especially if you remove the outer wrapping, such as removing the bag cereal from the outer box.

Stockpiling needn’t be done in a panic, or out of fear. Just remember:
1. Only buy items that you would normally use.
2. Check the use by date before you buy.
3. When you use an item from your stockpile, replace it from your next shop.
4. When adding new items to your stockpile, add them to the back, for stock rotation.

Now, the stats. Some of the items I currently have include:
35 cans of baked beans
263 rolls of toilet paper
15 boxes of tissues
90L UHT milk
15 packets of wet wipes (260 in each pack)
14 cans of coffee (500g each)


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  1. rgcornish

    My husband was shopping today and no toilet paper on shelves here in Arizona either? tsomWhat’s with that?? I do the meal planning and write my grocery list and my husband does the shopping. He alway buys two of everything I have on the list. He does a great job and we now have a stockpile of our most used items.

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