Weekly Roundup

A fairly busy week this week. I launched an online presence for my writing persona, Kathleen Ryder, which was so time consuming!

I had my neighbours tree fall into my yard, thankfully my toddler was not playing on his equipment for a change. The neighbours have already been notified that this tree is a danger, and have done nothing. Have again requested it be removed. Honestly, I think they only way they will do anything is when it falls through my roof and I sue them for damages.

I also started work on a knitted blanket, which I am very excited about. I am using up all my leftover balls of wool, and making squares with 17 stitches by 14 rows. When i have a few hundred I will stitch them all together into a crazy patchwork blanket. This is my first square, so expect intermittent updates for a few months. I hope to complete a square each day, but realise that won’t always be possible.

What did this week bring to you?