Budget ‘News’

I read an interesting article on the news website this week, which promoted the fact that a single lady had managed to reduce her food budget to just $50 per week. I found this astonishing. Firstly, how is this news? Secondly, how could she possibly spend $50 per week just on food, for one person?!

To put this in perspective, I shop for two adults, two children (one a toddler, the other a teenager), and two dogs. Each fortnight, my total grocery bill, including items such as toilet paper and soap powder, as well as food (a combination of store brands and brand names), comes to $150-170 on average. If you divide that between four people, it averages out at $37.50-42.50 per person per fortnight. We certainly don’t go without, and the kids never. stop. eating.

So I ask again. How can she possibly spend $50 per week for one person??!! Am I the only one who finds this figure crazy?