365 Days of Kindness

If you are nice to just one person each day, then you will have helped make the world a better place for 365 people! Imagine what would happen if every person was nice to three or five or ten people each day, what a world that would be!

This list of ways to help others is compiled from things I have already done, and while some of these acts cost money, most do not. After all, if the kind act comes from your heart, the value will be infinite.

  1. Smile at someone.
  2. Buy, or make, your pet their favourite treat.
  3. Buy your child something that you know they have been saving up for.
  4. Stop and have a conversation with someone you meet.
  5. The next time you watch someone counting coins out at the checkout, don’t just wait awkwardly, offer to pay for them.
  6. Send a text message to someone you haven’t contacted in a while.
  7. Return someone’s shopping trolley for them.
  8. Send an email to someone you haven’t contacted in a while.
  9. Tell your crush that you like them. Yes, they may not return the sentiment, but what if they do? Besides, it is always nice to tell people how you feel, and just as nice to hear how much someone likes you.
  10. Send an email to a company that you like, telling them what it is you like about them.
  11. Send a greeting card in the mail to someone who you haven’t contacted in a while.
  12. Send a handwritten letter to your child telling them why you love them.
  13. Bake cupcakes for your child’s favourite teachers.
  14. Take a friend out for lunch.
  15. Compliment someone.

What are some ways you can make a difference today?