A Single Step

On the 11 November 2019 I decided to go for a walk, nothing major, just to the end of the street and back again. Today is the 56th day that I have been for a walk. For me, this is a major milestone, I have not exercised with any kind of commitment in close to ten years. Oh, I could give you all the excuses under the sun, I am a busy working mum, I have been ill, there is no time as I am a shift worker.

While these are all true, it is not the underlying reason. The reason at the core of it all is that I was too embarrassed to exercise. I didn’t want people to see me try to get fit, I was worried I wouldn’t be supported.

Now I know it has only been 56 days, but what a difference it has already made to my life. I have more energy, I am making better lifestyle choices, and (although it is obviously my imagination) I can already feel my muscles start to tighten up!

I dug out my Fitbit and am tracking my sleep, diet and exercise. I am not tracking my calories, to me, it is not about losing weight as much as it is about getting fit again. Currently I am averaging between 5kms and 8kms a day, and have since added weights to my morning routine.

I have never felt stronger or more empowered.