Capo Joy

My son received such a wonderful gift this Christmas season, from our local music store, Rock City Music.

We had gone in to check out the prices of a capo, and got chatting to the owner, Darren, who is such a nice guy.

Rock City Music happily fix a range of instrument related issues for my son, happily and without charge, and they never try to sell us something that we don’t need. Their customer service is the reason my son and I choose to shop locally.

On this occasion, we got talking about a capo, and Christmas plans and dreams. Darren knows that I am a single parent, and a foster mum, with both kids having special needs, and he is always quick with a compliment or a discount for me. It is always a nice feeling to walk into Rock City Music.

Darren shared that he had come from a poor family, and now that he was able to, he and his wife gave back to others each Christmas. They look for a family that are struggling, and then they secretly deliver a brand new bike to their front door on Christmas Eve, and they have been doing it every since he was able to.

With that in mind, he asked my son if he belived in Father Christmas, to which my son replied yes, as he knows it is the spirit of kindness that lives inside people. Darren then took a capo off the display and gave it to my son, with a Merry Christmas and no expectations in return.

He made my sons year with that act of kindness, and it is that compassion and genuine kindness that is the reason we keep shopping locally. I have no doubt that my son will remember this act of kindness for years to come, and when he is older, I hope that he too, discovers joy in performing random acts of kindness if able to.

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