Christmas Traditions

Does your family have any Christmas traditions? Do you have a favourite? Are there any that you would happily do away with if you could?

For me, Christmas is filled with traditions, in fact, that is what makes the season so special. Personally, I wouldn’t part with any of our traditions, to me, it just would not be Christmas without them.

Every year we…

  • Make our own ugly Christmas shirts, in lieu of ugly Christmas sweaters. We live in the middle of the Australian desert, and enjoy a summer Christmas, so shirts and singlets are a must!
  • Write our own lyrics to “The 12 Days of Christmas”. So much fun! It is interesting to look back over them and to see what people were interested in. For example, my mother usually sings about craft supplies, while my son sings about owning a country!
  • We make gingerbread houses from scratch. We then invite friends over to help decorate them.
  • We makes giant Christmas cracker, usually 1m long, fill it with goodies for everyone, and hang it from the ceiling. It gets popped on Boxing Day.

Gosh, I simply adore Christmas!