12 Days of Christmas

Each year my family and I write our own lyrics to the 12 Days of Christmas, which is always a fun adventure. There is only one rule, money is no object.

This year mine is…

12 publishing contracts.

11 new City Chic dresses.

10 new books.

9 more cake pans.

8 bottles of Lush Snow Fairy shower gel.

7 pairs of novelty socks from Jay Jays.

6 new pairs of sneakers, size 8.

5 gorgeous journals.

4 months all expenses paid in London.

3 portrait sessions with Bede.

2 more hand weights.

1 text message from CG.

My sons is…

12 billion dollars.

11 hours of extra sleep for everyone.

10 terabytes of cloud storage.

9 terabytes of RAM.

8 plasma TV screens.

7 tonnes of art supplies.

6 billion square miles of vacant land.

5 hundred well educated employees.

4 band members.

3 country mansions.

2 lime green mustangs.

1 limited edition Angus Young Gibson guitar.

My mothers is…

12 new pillows.

11 sets of sheets.

10 comfy quilts.

9 plush pyjamas.

8 purple slippers.

7 silk sleep masks.

6 slumber hair nets.

5 diamante dressing gowns.

4 new hot water bottles.

3 electric blankets.

2 under floor heating.

1 eternal hot water system.

As it was 48 degrees Celsius the day we made these lists, this one was particularly funny.