100 Reasons To Be Happy

I have been thinking a lot lately about just what happiness is, and just how one achieves a state of being happy. Is happiness found in things, or experiences, or in fact, at all?

To be honest, I had never considered what it was that made me happy. I come from an abusive family, and it was drummed into me at an early age that people did not, nor would they ever, care about me, and it was, in fact, my job to put others first. There were times I resented this, but I never ever questioned it. Until very recently.

Someone asked me what it was that made me happy, and I couldn’t tell them. I couldn’t think of anything, outside of my two children. I was stumped. I mean, I know I am happy, but I have never considered what it was that made me happy.

I felt foolish not being able to answer such a simple question, so I started a list.

Here it is, these are things that make me happy, in no particular order.

  1. Wyatt, my reason for doing everything.
  2. Timmy, my precious boy with the infectious chuckle.
  3. The smell of carnations.
  4. Alyce. A new friend that I feel I have known forever.
  5. Lush, The Body Shop or Natio Wellness shower gels.
  6. Rolls of washi tape.
  7. My Spotify playslists.
  8. Lip Smacker Emoji lip balms.
  9. Bunting blowing in the breeze.
  10. Travelling.
  11. My bullet journal.
  12. Having a garden and growing my own fruit and vegetables.
  13. Meringues.
  14. Cold winter days.
  15. Wandering through museums.
  16. My amazing penpals.
  17. I own a lemon tree, and it is glorious.
  18. Pilot Varsity pens, my favourite pens, ever.
  19. I can read, and that in itself is an amazing skill that allows me to visit untold worlds and learn anything I want to.
  20. I own my own house. Well, along with the bank.
  21. My friendship with Sue.
  22. Baking.
  23. Taking photo’s.
  24. I hand fed a wild squirrel and it was just as cheeky as the squirrels in Disney’s “The Sword in the Stone”.
  25. I have been to Paris, a visit that I will remember forever.
  26. I live in the best country in the world.
  27. Papercrafting.
  28. Re-watching my favourite movies for the gazillionith time.
  29. Writing.
  30. Making dream boards on Pinterest.
  31. Stampin’ Up double ended markers.
  32. Playing board games.
  33. Making lists.
  34. Quilting.
  35. Pottering around my house.
  36. I have a valid passport.
  37. Spending time in Hyde Park, hearing the fallen leaves crunching underfoot.
  38. Daydreaming.
  39. I have a fridge, freezer, and pantry full of food.
  40. Pink ink pens.
  41. I have Jenny in my life, and she thinks I am awesome.
  42. Journaling.
  43. A new pair of sneakers.
  44. Rainy days.
  45. Singing.
  46. My feather and down quilt is super comfy and toasty.
  47. I own a treadmill, a life goal of mine.
  48. Getting happy mail.
  49. Wandering through K-Mart.
  50. A trashy Mills and Boon book.
  51. Having short pixie hair.
  52. Wandering through flea markets.
  53. My collection of mini items.
  54. Cloud watching.
  55. Christmas stockings.
  56. Curling up with a great book.
  57. I have travelled to New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia, Singapore, and Dubai.
  58. Star gazing.
  59. When someone holds the door open for me.
  60. A hamburger with the lot from Redcliffe.
  61. Mother and Son ornaments and figurines.
  62. My planners.
  63. Spending time at Disney Paris.
  64. Watching the waves roll in from the beach.
  65. Planning an event or party.
  66. Bella Boodles.
  67. Trawling through garage sales and op shops.
  68. The colour pink.
  69. Caramel Latte.
  70. My mismatched floral and vintage tea set.
  71. Twinkling fairy lights.
  72. My collection of Hallmark Keepsake ornaments.
  73. Looking though architectural magazines and editing the house plans to suit me.
  74. My tattoos.
  75. Making photo books.
  76. My fitness and weights routine.
  77. Steak. I could never be vegetarian.
  78. Watching jellyfish swim around.
  79. Long burning scented candles from Royal Essence or Yankee Candle.
  80. Union Jack themed merchandise.
  81. Fun novelty socks.
  82. Dying my hair a vibrant, violent shade of pink, tangerine, or green.
  83. When someone pays me an unexpected compliment.
  84. Carnations. They are my favourite flower, although I never get any as I am way too cheap to buy myself a bunch.
  85. Having time to myself.
  86. My rocking recliner.
  87. Ice cubes in my drink.
  88. Novelty printed fabrics.
  89. Road trips.
  90. Going on a swing.
  91. My bed. Seriously, I am an insomniac, so my bed is a haven.
  92. Using my vintage typewriter.
  93. J’adore by Dior.
  94. My little blog.
  95. A perfectly cooked melting moment.
  96. Getting a new charm for my charm bracelet, a ‘proper’ kind, with the sterling silver dangle charms a jeweller needs to solder on, none of these Pandora wanna be charms.
  97. Spending time in London.
  98. Wearing trackpants.
  99. Scrambled eggs on toast, my comfort food.
  100. A secret crush.