Christmas Menu

Have you finalised your Christmas menu yet? Ours is done, to be honest, it is pretty much the same menu as every year, with the exception of breakfast, we decided to try something new this year, instead of having me slave over a stove for a full English!

Breakfast For The Family

Waffles with ice-cream and golden syrup.

Breakfast For Me

Stove top porridge with milk.

Lunch For The Family

Sliced cold turkey.

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber.


Pineapple pieces.

Tinned ham.

Roast potatoes.

Roast beef with gravy.

Dinner rolls.


Minted peas.

Lunch For Me

Cucumber, lettuce, tomato.

Pineapple pieces.

Corn kernels.

Roast beef with gravy.

Dinner rolls.

Dessert For The Family

Christmas cake.

Fruit mince pies with custard and cream.

Shortbread biscuits.

Gingerbread biscuits.

Red and green jelly.

Chocolate pudding.

Quality Streets chocolates.

Dessert For Me

Stone fruit.


Leftovers. Seriously, it will be around 42 degrees Celsius, who wants to cook!