I Can’t Live Without…Christmas Edition

Each year as Christmas rolls around I find myself eagerly looking forward to what I consider are items essential to my Christmas.

  1. A novelty tin of Walker’s shortbread, very hard to find where I live.
  2. A new Nutcracker for my sons collection.
  3. My ancient battered silver tinsel star.
  4. A Fisher Price Little People nativity set, over 14 years old, but still the very first thing we hunt out come Christmastime.
  5. A tin of Monetta Vanilla wafers, super hard to find where I live.
  6. My collection of Christmas cups, mugs and crockery.
  7. My Christmas linen – tablecloths, tea towels, pillowcases, you name it.
  8. Holly and Ivy shaped tinsel.
  9. A new Hallmark Keepsake ornament for my collection.
  10. Christmas in Australia, my favourite Christmas book.

What about you. Are there any items, that, if you didn’t have them, would mean that Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas?