Timmy Turns 3

My sweet Timmy turned three this week, and with that in mind, I thought I would share some interesting facts about December babies.

December babies…

  1. Are the rarest, with December being the least common month for babies to be born in Australia.
  2. Are independent and restless.
  3. Are more likely to be left-handed.
  4. Have the best statistical chance of living to be 100 years old.
  5. March to the beat of their own drum and are a whole lot of special wrapped up in a complex little creature.
  6. Are more temperamental than their winter counterparts.
  7. Are taller than those born in winter.
  8. May have more trouble concentrating.
  9. Are more optimistic than those born in winter. We love sunny babies!

Happy Birthday darling boy, we love you!