One Minute Challenge

Oh my goodness, I was so happy to find this game! It has become an instant hit with our family, and is played each night after dinner.

The premise is simple, you have one minute in which to complete a task that is either mental or physical.

Some of the physical tasks include: lay on the floor and act like a starfish for one minute; do 15 squats in a minute; play air guitar for one minute; and bend over touch your toes and then shake the players hand to the left of you, no stop for one minute.

Some of the mental tasks include: name 20 breeds of dog in one minute; name ten currencies in one minute; name two movies that Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks have co starred in; and name ten different varieties of pasta.

It seems easy enough, but it is actually quite tricky to complete some of these tasks within one minute.

I found this version at my local K-Mart for $10. Worth every cent.