Ugly Christmas Shirts

Each year one of my family traditions is to make our own ugly Christmas t-shirts. As we live in Australia, in the middle of the desert, it is just far too hot to be wearing a sweater!

We decorate with whatever we find: bells, tinsel, markers, paint, glitter, buttons, ribbons; anything goes.

This year I managed to find myself a gangster wrapper shirt, which I cut the sleeves off, and added bells to. Perfect!

Timmy (3) also has bells on his shirt, although that was a conscious choice as he has sensory issues, and bells will keep him focused.

Wyatt (14) drew a beach Santa on his shirt, although he had no sunscreen and so got terribly burnt!

Lastly, my mum decorated hers with ribbons, glitter, bells, paint, bows and some funny bauble tinsel we found.

All up, I think they are great ugly Christmas shirts! The best bit is, we make new ones each year (they are not easy to wash with all the junky bits on them), a perfect family activity that we all enjoy.