Christmas Decoration Wishlist

Usually at some point during my annual setting up of the Christmas decorations, I invariably decide that next year I will throw away all of my tired decorations and buy new ones. Then of course the next Christmas rolls around and I put out the same ornaments, declaring that maybe I will replace them next year. I think, truthfully, that I never will. I am a die hard traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, and that includes my ornaments!

That said, I will be adding a few new pieces to my stash this year, many of which I have included on this list. The remaining items are pieces I will probably buy, you know, next year!

  1.  These totally Australian ornaments from Typo: thongs, a sausage sizzle and a shark! I couldn’t resist buying these, they are very much “me”!
  2.  This cute life sized Nutcracker for my son, who collects them. I am actually going to try to make this this year, after years of liking it.
  3.  Literally anything from the Lemax range! I dream of having a ‘proper’ Christmas village, but alas, it will need to wait a few years yet, until finances are not quite so tight.
  4.  This guitar ornament, or pretty much anything at all from this website! I adore Hallmark Keepsake ornaments, and have been collecting them for years.guitar
  5.  Lastly, this Jim Shore ornament. This is stunning, and so very, very, me!