100 Christmas Gift Ideas

Stuck for a Christmas gift idea? Here are 100 generic ideas for a range of people.

For Budding Artists

  1. Assorted paints or pastels or whatever other medium they work in.
  2. An apron.
  3. A sketchbook.
  4. A palette.
  5. A colour wheel.
  6. A book about their favourite artist.
  7. Blank canvases.
  8. A book discussing their favourite medium.
  9. Tickets to a local gallery exhibit.
  10. Super coarse soap for removing the art stains.

For Teens

  1. Clothes, or a voucher so they can choose their own clothes.
  2. Cash. As unimaginative as it is.
  3. A pass to go bowling with a friend.
  4. A nice wallet.
  5. A magazine subscription.
  6. A journal.
  7. A disposable or polaroid camera.
  8. Cinema money.
  9. Fill a box with their favourite snacks.
  10. Take them out for the day and let them make all of the decisions (with a few ground rules set beforehand).

For Toddlers

  1. Stuffed toys.
  2. Bath crayons or paint.
  3. Trike.
  4. A ‘grown up’ plate or bowl set.
  5. Literally anything that makes noise!
  6. Bubble wands and mixes.
  7. Dress up items.
  8. A new book.
  9. MagiCube blocks for hours of fun.
  10. Play kitchen.

For Musicians

  1. Sheet music.
  2. A composing or song writing notebook.
  3. A novelty mug, tie or socks emblazoned with their favourite instrument.
  4. Quality headphones.
  5. Tickets to see their favourite band.
  6. A gift voucher for their local music shop.
  7. Strings, reeds, picks or other add on that they use.
  8. A ‘band members only’ parking sign for their music room.
  9. A t-shirt for their favourite band.
  10. Book them some studio time for when they are ready to record.

For Teachers

  1. Cinema money.
  2. Coffee vouchers.
  3. A travel mug.
  4. A planner.
  5. Bees wax wraps.
  6. Gift cards. This is especially nice if you get all the parents in the room to contribute one, and then you can display them as a topiary tree.
  7. Zany socks.
  8. Host them and their partner for dinner or lunch at your place.
  9. A homemade fruit cake or other festive treat.
  10. Painted rocks to look like cactus.

For The Bakers

  1. A blank recipe book for them to record their own family favourites in.
  2. Spatulas.
  3. Cupcake or muffin liners.
  4. An apron or oven mitt.
  5. A pretty cake plate.
  6. Pretty packaging, twine, or labels for their baked goods.
  7. Novelty measuring cups.
  8. Cake pans or cookie cutters.
  9. Sprinkles, icing gel, or other decorations.
  10. A new recipe book.

For Paper Crafters

  1. Clear stamps.
  2. Scrapbooking paper or cardstock.
  3. Dimensional magic, mod podge or kindy glitz.
  4. Craft storage.
  5. Novelty hole punches.
  6. Double sided tape, glue or foam tape.
  7. Ink pads or sprays.
  8. A subscription to their favourite craft magazine.
  9. Die cuts, diamantes or other embellishments.
  10. New scissors.

For Sending As Flat Mail

  1. A small address book.
  2. A collectible coin.
  3. A donation to their favourite charity.
  4. A collectible stamp set.
  5. A mixed CD.
  6. Jewellery.
  7. A mini calendar or pocket diary.
  8. A credit card sized multi tool.
  9. A magazine subscription.
  10. Seeds.

For The Travellers

  1. A new suitcase.
  2. Currency for their dream destination.
  3. A passport cover.
  4. A guidebook for their dream destination.
  5. A voucher for their preferred airline.
  6. A travel journal.
  7. A subscription to a travel magazine.
  8. A travel kettle.
  9. Space saver bags.
  10. Eye masks, ear plugs and travel pillows.

For Kris Kringle

  1. Make a bouquet from something unusual, such as pens, socks, or lipsticks.
  2. A personalised treat. Allen’s, Cadbury’s and Nutella all offer a personalisation service.
  3. A pass to the local pool.
  4. A carton of their favourite soda.
  5. A mug filled with fancy coffee sachets or tea bags.
  6. Yummy home baked treats.
  7. A new board game or jigsaw puzzle.
  8. A fun small appliance, such as a donut maker, hotdog maker or slushie maker.
  9. Gift cards for pizza and Netflix.
  10. A wall calendar.