Homemade Advent Calendars

I embarked on a rather ambitious project this year, so make my son and I a wooden advent calendar. I found these calendar kits on clearance from Kaisercraft and snagged two of them.

This kit was really hard to assemble. There are no instructions, none of the pieces are numbered, and the boxes have no tabs to join them together. It was a fair bit of trial and error before I found a system that worked for me.

I am glad I persevered, the further along it gets the better I like them. Here are a few progress shots…

Advents (3)
Base coat.
Advents (5)
Unassembled boxes.
Advents (7)
Supplies needed.
Advents (9)
Box size.
Advents (10)
Almost finished the bottom layer.
Advents (12)
Measuring the box cover.
Advents (14)
Bottom layer.
Advents (15)
Bottom layer.
Advents (18)
Bottom layer.
Advents (19)
Close up of doors.
Advents (21)
Close up of doors.

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