100 Advent Ideas

I am a huge fan of homemade advent calendars, I think they are fun to make, you can reuse them, and best of all, they can be personalised for each recipient.

With that in mind, here is an ideas list of 100 items that can be put into an advent calendar. Obviously you will be limited by budget, and by the size of your calendar.

For Coffee Lovers

  1. A coffee themed magnet.
  2. A fancy coffee teaspoon.
  3. Flavoured coffee bags or sachets.
  4. A travel mug.
  5. A milk frother.
  6. A gift card for a local coffee shop.
  7. A pack of biscuits.
  8. Stencils for decorating the froth.
  9. A shaker to dispense chocolate powder for dusting the froth.
  10. A USB cup warmer.

I am doing this for a friend this year, and am wrapping the gifts up in brown paper and string, all vintage-y. I am numbering them and popping them into a basket for them to display.

For Guitar Lovers

  1. Guitar picks.
  2. A tuner.
  3. A guitar playing rock star Lego minifigure.
  4. A capo.
  5. An ACDC (or other band) ring.
  6. Novelty guitar shaped tea spoon.
  7. Novelty pins (guitars, band logos, treble clef etc).
  8. Guitar strings.
  9. ACDC (or other band) patch.
  10. Guitar strap.

This is essentially what I am doing for my son this year. His advent is a wooden one that I will decorate in music themed papers. The boxes are very small, so I need to be a bit creative in what I can fit in.

For Paper Crafters

  1. Washi roll.
  2. Clear acrylic stamp blocks.
  3. Small pad of scrapbooking paper.
  4. Sticker flakes.
  5. Die cuts.
  6. Double ended craft marker.
  7. Rhinestones.
  8. Clear stamps.
  9. Photo corners.
  10. An ink pad.

I am doing this for a friend this year, and again, will be wrapping them and popping them into a basket for her to use for display.

For Toddlers

  1. A toy dinosaur.
  2. Play Doh.
  3. A toy car.
  4. Magnetic letters.
  5. Bath toys.
  6. A novelty cup or bowl.
  7. A small plush toy.
  8. Cute socks.
  9. Novelty sunglasses.
  10. Crayons.

For Teens

  1. Sassy pins.
  2. Movie money.
  3. Novelty socks.
  4. Mini Pop Vinyl’s.
  5. Reusable coffee cup.
  6. Cash.
  7. Unusual flavoured gum or candy.
  8. Headphones.
  9. A gift card.
  10. A new DVD or CD.

For Tea Drinkers

  1. Tea infuser.
  2. Novelty tea spoon.
  3. Tea cup cosy.
  4. Tea bag tongs.
  5. Tea leaf scoop.
  6. Tea strainer.
  7. Loose leaf tea.
  8. A fancy cup and saucer.
  9. A tin of shortbread.
  10. A nice tea storage container.

For Readers

  1. A new book.
  2. Reading snacks or sweets.
  3. Novelty book themed socks.
  4. A book light.
  5. Quotes from their favourite books.
  6. Book themed magnets.
  7. A slimline diary featuring their favourite book.
  9. Book themed keychain.
  10. Book related pins.

For Bakers

  1. Pretty muffin or cupcake liners.
  2. Icing flavours.
  3. Recipe cards.
  4. Sprinkles.
  5. Novelty tea towel.
  6. Novelty spatula.
  7. Kitchen timer.
  8. Mini cake pan.
  9. Cookie cutter.
  10. Icing nozzles.

For Frequent Travellers

  1. Mini reusable bottles.
  2. A novelty shower cap.
  3. Ear plugs.
  4. Travel tube of Vegemite.
  5. A novelty eye mask for sleeping.
  6. Novelty suitcase tags.
  7. Hand held folding fan.
  8. Mini address book.
  9. Pocket phrasebook.
  10. Collapsible hat.

For The Fashionistas

  1. Fake eyelashes.
  2. Earrings.
  3. False nails.
  4. An empty charm bracelet.
  5. Nail polish.
  6. Charms.
  7. Mini lipsticks.
  8. Solid perfume.
  9. Lip balm.
  10. A ring.