Kaisercraft Mystery Style Pack

Readers will know that I recently managed to snag myself not one, but three Kaisercraft Mystery boxes for October, one of each type they were offering.

The one we will look at today is the Mystery Style Pack, a cost of $30 with a $100 RRP.

The description reads: Love a good surprise? Treat yourself with our brand new Mystery Style Pack! Your fun sized pack of Kaiserstyle goodies may include a delightful mix of cards, accessories, and our gorgeous fashion stationery!

I was hugely disappointed in mine, and annoyed with myself as I purchased two of these specific boxes, hoping for some nice trinkets that I could use as Christmas gifts.

Both of my boxes had the exact same items, but with a different theme, so for example, box 1 had leaf shaped coasters while box 2 had cat head shaped coasters.

Each of my two boxes contained:

4 greeting cards (bon voyage, 21st, etc).

4 novelty erasers (super childish in design).

A packet of 12 sheets of planner stickers.

A small visual diary.

Two iron on patches (childish in design), I got a hashtag and a heart.

A pair of novelty socks (unisex).

A set of two novelty adjustable rings (super childish in design).

A set of 4 silicone coasters.

A novelty bottle opener.

A voucher for 20% off my next order.

As a mum to a teenage and a toddler, both boys, there was not much here I could use. I kept the socks, coasters and visual diary, and the rest I donated to the local op shop to sell. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone with little girls to have passed anything on to.

Overall I feel this box was a total fizzer and even if they decide to offer it again, I wouldn’t bother buying it.