Farmer In The Dell

My garden is really flourishing this year, and I am so excited! I cannot wait to have real tasting fruits and vegetables.

My lemon tree has again given me hundreds of bright yellow beauties, and, for the first time in five years, my orange tree has fruited, and they are so deliciously sweet and juicy, even my non-orange loving son has been eating them!

I have strawberries starting to show, and a peach tree covered in blossoms; there are carrots, corn, peas and potatoes all sprouting; and my pumpkin vine has just gone wild!

I also have little pots of beetroot, oregano, cabbage, bok choy, chamomile, tomato, spinach, viola, cress and pansy ready to be placed in the ground.

All up I feel quite chuffed, and a bit farmer-ish, which is awesome! It has always been a dream of mine to own a small farm, with an apple orchard and a few chickens, cows and sheep. The farm would be in New South Wales, somewhere cold and rainy, where I could have an open fireplace and bake endless breads, stews, and apple pies with pretty lattice work pastry. I would have a muddy dog and gumboots at the front door, and massively huge windows overlooking the farm.

Maybe one day…