Sock It To Me

I am madly in love with novelty socks. I mean, seriously, I cannot go past a shop selling novelty socks without going in to have a look buy something. To me, socks are the ultimate gift to give someone, they symbolise warmth and comfort and love. Seriously, if you want to make me happy, or ask for a favour, or apologise for something, bring me socks!

So I was ecstatic when a parcel of goodies arrived, full to the brim with socks. Not just lots of pink socks for me, but also some PlayStation themed ones for Wyatt, and some cute doggy ones for Timmy.

I have always loved the socks from Jay Jays with the ribbed top, they are sooo comfortable, but having now tried Sock It Up socks (I had not heard of them before) I may have to change my mind as to my favourites, these socks are insanely comfortable! Plus, you know, super adorable.

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