Kitchen Tip

My son loves homemade icy poles, he especially loves seeing what flavour combination I can come up with, and I love homemade icy poles as I then know what ingredients go into making them, and my son gets a yummy treat without all the additives.

When it comes to the mold, I just use a $2 one I picked up at K-Mart. I ditched the all in one stick and lid part, as I make my icy poles in bulk every few months. I then wrap them individually and freeze them, so that we have several dozen in the freezer at any one time during the summer months, you know, from September to February!

I use paddle pop sticks for the sticks, and in order to get them to remain upright while freezing, I use this handy tip. After the liquid is poured into the molds, I place alfoil over the top. I then pierce a tiny slit in the top with a knife, and push the paddle pop sticks through. Voila! Perfectly straight icy poles for our summer enjoyment.