Happy Homemaker Monday

Today I am linking up with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom, for Happy Homemaker Monday.
d75a58b8dc30a275bb0ae1e281fdd130The Weather…

A warm 31 degrees Celsius!

On The Breakfast Plate This Morning…

Lukewarm coffee and two slices of peanut butter toast.

Right Now I Am…

Making a list of everything that I want to accomplish today.

On My Bedside Table…

Sticky baby fingerprints.

On My Reading Pile…

A new stash of crime thrillers, plus a new vampire romance I can’t wait to sink my teeth into!

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend…


On My TV This Week…

Nothing planned.

On The Menu This Week…

Monday: Beef pasties with steamed vegetables.

Tuesday: Steamed vegetables with cheese sauce.

Wednesday: Toad in the Holes and steamed vegetables.

Thursday: Spaghetti Bolognaise.

Friday: Homemade pizza with my two ingredient dough.

Saturday: Toasted sandwiches.

Sunday: If Its (if it is there you can eat it).

On My To Do List…

Edit my manuscript.

Go to the post office.

Jot down some ideas for blog posts.

In The Craft Basket…

More piecing and sewing of the crazy quilt.

More cutting and piecing of my sons patchwork quilt.

More cutting for my nine patch blocks.

Dozens of die cuts to cut and bag up for a swap.

ATC’s for Christmas.

Looking Forward To…

My parcel arriving today, a toddler bed for Timmy!

Looking Around My House…

I need to dust the bedrooms and fans.

I want to change the cot sheets in the nursery, and set up a ‘proper’ bed for Timmy to start daytime naps in.

I want to fold and store away all the winter clothes.

From My Camera…


My boy showing off his new shirt.

What I Am Wearing Today…

T-shirt and bike pants.

My Simple Pleasure…

Fresh sheets on the bed.

Favourite Quote…

“Passion changes everything”.


  1. jehdld

    Great tee-shirt! I’m ready to fold and put away my summer clothes but the weather isn’t cooperating. Hope you have a wonderful week!


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