Decorate Your Office

I recently took part in a Redditsgifts swap, and honestly, I don’t know why I keep bothering, it is so hit and miss with what you will get, even if you have a wishlist link, and there are so many scammy people out there, I make sure to always upload tracking proof, just in case.

Mail in Australia is so painfully slow and unreliable, that yesterday I finally got my package, which was sent on 17 July 2019. This package is pretty neat, with something for everyone!


There are Filofax pages and a cactus mouse mat for me, glow in the dark stars for Timmy, a cute sloth colouring in book for my mum, and stand up scissors for Wyatt. Seriously, how cute are those scissors?! There is also a sloth journal, and best of all, a jellyfish aquarium for me. EEK!!! Anyone who knows me knows that my favourite animal of all is the jellyfish, so this is amazing!! (Edit: the jellyfish aquarium is broken, with missing parts, but still, it is the thought that counts.)