Serious Mum Face

It is inevitable that at some point during the journey of motherhood, certain conversations will need to be had, you know, the awkward ones.

As a single mum, I get to represent both the female and male sides of things during talks with my son, which can sometimes bring up unexpected side topics!

Despite the awkwardness though, theses talks are important, and could very possibly be the literal difference between life and death for our tweens and teens. A simple conversation, a parents wisdom and truth, spoken with gentle authority and guidance, really does matter, regardless of how often they groan or roll their eyes!

With so many issues confronting our teens, it would be easy to let things slide, but we cannot afford to let that happen. If we are too embarrassed to talk about sexting, age appropriate Google searches, what is appropriate to share online, responsible online behaviour, conducting ourselves in a Godly manner, remaining true to our own values, being the person that your future self will be proud of, peer pressure, choosing our friends wisely, crushes, sexuality, or any other awkward topics, then where will our children find the information? Who will they turn to?

I don’t know about you, but when it really matters, I want my son to hear my voice in his head, not the voice of some unreliable internet opinion, and that is why I answer his questions, why I will always answer his questions.