Outside Fun

To be honest, I don’t care much for the outside, I live in the desert, and with that comes endless red dirt, sparse shade, rocks, flies, and oppressive heat!

I am a homebody, I am happy when I am indoors doing homemaking things, like baking or quilting or pottering.

However, there is a certain time of the day when outside is just lovely! This weekend my two boys filled up the sandpit with water, and happily dug and played in the mud for ages before being made to come in and clean up for dinner.

I also got some shots of my orange and lemon trees. This lemon tree yields around 200 lemons twice a year, and is just divine! I love the smell and taste of lemon, and this tree is so pretty to just look at. Every time I go past, I rub my hands over the leaves and just breathe in the smell. The oranges this year are setting well, although it will be a few more weeks before they are close to being ready to eat.

Also coming up are some pumpkins and carrots, and my eldest is helping turn over the highest tiered garden bed so that we can plant potatoes soon. I feel like quite the farmer in the dell! I just need to look into planting strawberries, watermelon, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and we will be set.