Social Media Detox

I have had a weird past couple of days, with my internet provider, Telstra, accidentally deleting my email account off its servers! Several phone calls later, and they are still no closer to working it out. In fact, they were adamant that the email address in question had never existed, until I reminded them that I have had that account for over 10 years, and that they actually send all of my bills to that account! They have sent it to their IT department and I should hopefully hear back within a week. A week! Seriously, do they have any idea of just how may emails I get each day?

So I decided to switch everything over to a new email provider, one who is a little more stable. The past few days I have been emailing and notifying as many people as I can think of, resubscribing to newsletters and changing log in details for all of my accounts. Throughout this whole process, I have found myself culling dozens of dozens of contacts and newsletters that no longer serve a purpose or make my soul happy, I have had a short break from all forms of social media, and haven’t missed it at all!

I now have a new, more appropriate email address, with a cleaner, more focused inbox. With less email clutter, comes more time to do the important things, like writing!