Kids Do The Funniest Things

Just some random weird things I hear as a parent.

  1. Mum help me, my butt is stuck in the cupboard.
  2. Oops, I nearly set the banana on fire, look, it is all singed at the tip!
  3. It would be so neat if you could make a number cake out of…massive pause before raucous laughter…I was going to say cake, but that’s what it is isn’t it. Never mind.
  4. If there is a New Caledonia, what happened to the Old Caledonia?
  5. Take care brush (when the baby finishes cleaning his teeth).
  6. Mum kiss brush (when I say goodnight to the baby, his twelve stuffed doggies, his toy phone, his glow worm and his toothbrush. Yes, he has a toothbrush that he takes to bed with him).

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