Happy Territory Day

Territory Day celebrates everything we love about living in the Territory – our lifestyle, people, landscape, culture and achievements. 2019 marks 41 years since the Northern Territory was granted Self-Government on 1 July 1978!

For me personally, Territory Day is spent hoping no one lets off fireworks too early, or more specifically, that there are none released while Timmy is having his nap! Territory Day is the only day of the year that you can legally buy and let off fireworks in the Northern Territory, and the shops start selling them as early as 7am.

We will do what we do every year, build a nice little fire in the outdoor fire pit, have a sausage sizzle and hot cocoa for dinner, and watch the fireworks from the surrounding suburbs light up the sky, all while reassuring the dogs that we are not under attack.

However you choose to celebrate Territory Day, stay safe, and remember to lock up your pets.