Crazy Quilting

As the weather cools, it is time for me to drag out my stash of quilting materials. I love fabric, crazy, patterned fabrics are my weakness! I am currently using up all of my scraps and making a crazy quilt, one of my favourite type of quilts to make.

Current Crazy Quilt Projects

  • Chair covers, pretty essential for my wooden chairs in summer in the desert!
  • Cushion covers for my sons godmother for Christmas.

I have also been obsessively cutting out perfect 5″ and 3″ squares to use in a few traditional patchwork quilt projects.

Current Patchwork Quilt Projects

  • “I Spy” Patchwork quilt for my son. I made him one as a baby, and it has never been off his bed! As it is now literally starting to fall to bits, we packed it away carefully in his memory box. He was so disappointed, until I told him that I would make him a newer version, with updated patches (so guitars instead of Bob the Builder lol).
  • Ocean themed nine patch for a friend for Christmas.
  • Table runner for a friend for Christmas.
  • Music themed nine patch cushion cover for my sons music teachers for Christmas.