A Bunch of Books

Instead of writing individual book reviews, I thought that I would try a rating system. I have rated all of the books on this list, as follows:

A: Favourites that I am re-reading.

B: Books I would borrow from a library but not buy.

C: Books that were so awful it was a struggle to get through them.

D: New books I loved.

E: Books that changed my life.

  1. “After The Ball” by Catherine George.   Rated: A
  2. “The Book of Forgiving” by Desmond Tutu. Rated: D
  3. “Why Aren’t We Dead Yet?” by Idan Ben-Barak. Rated: D
  4. “Conversations With God Book 4” by Neale Donald Walsch. Rated: B
  5. “Ayurvedic Healing” by Hari Sharma. Rated: E
  6. “Writing Magic, Creating Stories That Fly” by Gail Carson Levine. Rated: D
  7. “Writing Down The Bones” by Natalie Goldberg. Rated: D
  8. “Hallelujah Anyway, Rediscovering Mercy” by Anne Lamott. Rated: D
  9. “An Outback Nurse” by Thea Hayes. Rated: B
  10. “The Inaugural Meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Book Club” by Sophie Green. Rated: B
  11. “Bush Doctors” by Annabelle Brayley. Rated: B
  12. “The Mother of all Christmases” by Milly Johnson.   Rated: D
  13. “Goddess of love” by P C Cast.   Rated: A
  14. “Bergdorf Blondes” by Plum Sykes.   Rated: A
  15. “The Perfectly Imperfect Woman” by Milly Johnson.   Rated: B
  16. “Australian Midwives” by Paula Heelan.   Rated: B
  17. “The Queen of Wishful Thinking” by Milly Johnson.   Rated: D
  18. “Escape To The Country” by Alison Sherlock.   Rated: B
  19. “Can You Keep A Secret?” by Sophie Kinsella.   Rated: A
  20. “The Reading Group” by Della Parker.   Rated: C
  21. “The Gift of a Child” by Sue MacKay.   Rated: B
  22. “The Birds and the Bees” by Milly Johnson.   Rated: A
  23. “The Baby That Changed Her Life” by Louisa Heaton.   Rated: B
  24. “Lost With A Lord” by Emily Murdoch.   Rated: C
  25. “Bordering on Obsession” by Susan Kearney.   Rated: D
  26. “A Cotswold Christmas” by Kate Hewitt.   Rated: C
  27. “Life Magic” by Ruth Ostrow.   Rated: E
  28. “On The Other Side” by Carrie Hope Fisher.   Rated: C
  29. “The Taste of Ayurveda” by Amrita Sondhi. Rated: B