75 Ways To Relive Stress

Have you ever stopped and taken count of just how many times a day you feel stressed? There are a million little things that can cause us stress, little things like running out of milk before everyone has had their breakfast, and running late to an important meeting, to the bigger things like divorce, caring for ill relatives and money worries.

Stress in unavoidable in life and it is important that we learn to deal with it in a constructive way, and that we equip our children with the skills they need in order to combat their own stresses in life.

Below is a list of fun, silly, and mundane ways in which stress can be dealt with.

  1. Get up 15 minutes earlier. This way you will have a buffer throughout the rest of the day, should any delays occur.
  2. Dance like a toddler, they don’t even need music.
  3. Buy, and use, a bubble wand. Seriously, who doesn’t like bubbles?!
  4. Avoid tight clothes, they only make you feel uncomfortable and restrict blood flow.
  5. Eat a banana, they are packed full of feel good vitamins.
  6. Ask for help.
  7. Learn the ‘fork in the garbage disposal’ dance.
  8. If you have a busy or important day, prepare for it the night before. Organise your clothes, lunch, folders etc and have them all ready to go.
  9. Doodle.
  10. Believe in yourself.
  11. Have a cup of tea.
  12. Buy a calendar and write your appointments down.
  13. Do some colouring in.
  14. Laugh loudly and often.
  15. Watch a funny cat video.
  16. Avoid relying on chemical aids, that means caffeine, nicotine, narcotics. The temporary high is not worth the possible side effects including addiction, depression, and mental illness.
  17. Pop some bubblewrap, you can buy it in convenient rolls from the post office.
  18. Always make copies of important papers.
  19. Break large tasks into bite-size portions.
  20. Keep a will.
  21. Unclutter your life, both physically and mentally.
  22. Say “no” more often.
  23. Have goals.
  24. Set priorities in your life and plan accordingly.
  25. Visit your local animal shelter and pat all of the animals.
  26. Simplify meal times, prepare and cook ahead whenever possible.
  27. Avoid negative people, no one needs that in their lives.
  28. Hug someone, with permission.
  29. Use your time wisely, schedule a set time for everything. If you think you have all day to get the housework done, then it will take you all day. If you only allow yourself an hour, you will get it done in an hour.
  30. Walk in the rain.
  31. Listen to music.
  32. Say something nice to someone.
  33. Read, curled up in bed, with your dog.
  34. Stop saying negative things to yourself.
  35. Buy yourself flowers.
  36. Find someone to be your ‘vent partner’.
  37. Be aware of the decisions you make.
  38. Believe in yourself.
  39. Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day.
  40. Look up at the stars.
  41. Practice breathing slowly.
  42. Always do your best.
  43. Do it now, not tomorrow.
  44. Visit an art gallery.
  45. Go to the park and swing on the swings.
  46. Remember no one is perfect.
  47. Take a nap.
  48. Learn at least one joke.
  49. Work at being optimistic.
  50. Pay attention to your appearance.
  51. Practice grace.
  52. Stand up and stretch.
  53. Watch the sun rise or set.
  54. Know your limitations and let others know them.
  55. Learn to meet your own needs.
  56. Light some incense.
  57. Always have a plan “B”. And if that fails, there are still 24 more letters of the alphabet to go through.
  58. Be responsible for your feelings.
  59. Use a stress ball.
  60. Become a better listener.
  61. Throw a paper aeroplane.
  62. Exercise every day.
  63. Get to work early.
  64. Recognise the importance of unconditional love.
  65. Remember that stress is an attitude.
  66. Keep a journal. It doesn’t have to be super involved and lengthy, even a notebook that you can jot down the days events will help you to stop over analysing and get a better nights sleep.
  67. Smile. Did you know that the physical act of smiling sends a signal to your brain to release endorphins, which in turn makes you feel happy? So smiling actually makes us happier.
  68. Remember you always have options. Always!
  69. Learn how to ask for help, you can’t do everything on your own.
  70. Have a support network of people, places and things.
  71. Quit trying to fix other people.
  72. Go stargazing.
  73. Get enough sleep.
  74. Talk less and listen more.
  75. Freely praise other people.