The Library of Letters

I love, love, love handwritten letters and cards, there is nothing nicer than knowing that someone has taken the time to actually sit down and pen a note to you.

With this in mind, I was so excited to learn that Australia has a Library of Letters! Oh my geeky heart, I am definitely going to have to go there on our next holiday! The Library of Letters exists to inspire community and understanding through the sharing of the lives of real people, anywhere around the world.  Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Race are stripped of meaning when we have the beauty of a hand-written letter to give us an insight into a persons life, heart and mind.

The best part about the Library of Letters is that anyone can send a letter in to be curated and stored, and anyone can pop in to visit and to browse the letters, and maybe even find one that you want to reply to.

How cool is that?!

If you are wanting to send a letter in, this is the address:

The Library of Letters

P O Box 371


Victoria  3184