Happy Homemaker Monday

Today I am linking up with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom, for Happy Homemaker Monday.
d75a58b8dc30a275bb0ae1e281fdd130The Weather…

Honestly, who even knows what is happening! We get a couple of days of blissful cold, then back up into the high 30’s again and into summer clothes. Today it seems like it will remain a tad chilly.

On My Reading Pile…

Nothing at all.

On My TV…

MasterChef, repeats of Brooklyn 99 with my son, and Thomas the Tank Engine with my other son.

On My Plate For Dinner Tonight…

Chicken pasta.

On The Menu This Week…

Tuesday: My son has his String Theory Ensemble on Tuesday afternoons, so something easy, a easy Rice a Riso.

Wednesday: My son has his opera rehearsals on Wednesday afternoons, so also something simple, Grilled Chicken and Steamed Vegetables.

Thursday: Lamb and Vegetable Pasties.

Friday: Grilled Fish and Steamed Vegetables.

Saturday: If It’s (If it is there you can have it).

Sunday: Steamed Vegetables with a Cheese Sauce.

On My To Do List…

Edit my manuscript.

Cut my sons hair.

Make a shopping list.

Make my sons guitar teachers a batch of cupcakes.

Write a few penpal letters.

Send a fierce but firm letter to the Department of Education, the Education Minister and the Ombudsman for Education.

General tidy up.

In The Craft Basket…

Finish cutting out quilt pieces.

More piecing of the crazy quilt.

Looking Around My House…

I have got to find out how to stop this leaking tap.

From My Camera…

A fat little bee on a sunflower, and my son ‘cleaning’ his room.

My Simple Pleasure…

Doing mum stuff! I am happiest when I am mummying.

Favourite Quote…

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that they are already someone today.


  1. Shellie Almond

    I think it’s amazing you have a son that is in opera! I really enjoyed stopping by !
    I am very much like you as well I am happiest when I am being a Mom! Have a blessed week


  2. Rebecca L Knox

    Enjoyed reading your post and I love the fat little bee on the sunflower! My sunflowers are just now starting to grow, but I should have a lot of them this summer. Blessings for a great week ahead! ❀


  3. jehdld

    I absolutely love your quote! Sounds very Montessori. And such a beautiful sunflower. One of my favorite flowers. Hope you have a wonderful week!


  4. Carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    Hi there! Sorry i’m late this week
    Wow – opera for your son…that’s impressive! That’s awesome 😊

    Love your photos. Looks like my kids when they “clean” their rooms too. Lol I’m envious of your quilting abilities. My aunt tried to show me once and I didn’t have enough patience and math skills to do it. πŸ˜‚

    Love your inspiration. Blessings to you and hope you get nice weather again soon. xo


  5. Tamy

    So so sorry I am so late this week! Playing catch up after a long trip is always a challenge! I ADORE your quote this week – oh so true! and what a great picture! I hope it was a GREAT week! I’ll be back to see about this week in a bit LOL


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