Out + About

The boys and I went on a Sunday stroll yesterday, a chance for Wyatt and I to talk, and for Timmy to enjoy some bumpity bumps of the footpaths.

We strolled down to a nearby house that is growing sunflowers, gorgeous, gigantic sunflowers, on the street side of their fence, which is so unusual in Alice Springs. Most people keep their hard grown flowers safely inside their fences. They have been doing a fair bit of work to this house in the past year, they have added children’s play equipment, a new fence, and lots of pretty flowers. When we visited the sunflowers, they were buzzing with fat little bees, so gorgeous to see!

After the sunflowers, we took an off road walk through one of the local parks, down a small alley, and past a house that the owners have been renovating for several years now. We like to walk past at regular intervals to see the progress. They have finished adding a cute little bridge over what looks as if it will be a stream, and they have added the sweetest fairy garden! As someone who has wanted a fairy garden for years, I was particularly interested in how they have built theirs.

A bit more off roading for Timmy (he loves the bumpy, rocking motion) and we were in another local park, this one has swings! No baby swings, but Timmy was content to sit on my lap as we swung, giggling with glee as we went “wheee!”. After a bit of a picnic, an encounter with a super friendly stray dog and a zillion flies saw us heading for home, where Timmy promptly fell asleep for his nap and Wyatt collapsed on the lounge to watch his favourite Hunger Games movie.

I think we’ll go walking every day!