Opera + Other News

Goodness it has been a busy week in my house!

My son took part in the Centralian Eisteddfod and his Northern Territory Music School group placed first for their ensemble, which was great. My son also auditioned – and won – a part in the chorus for the Queensland Opera production of Madame Butterfly which will show in Alice Springs in August. He sang “Killer Queen” by Queen for his audition, and had a perfect score. I am so freaking proud of him!!

His year 10 certificate also arrived in the mail, so it is now officially official. Wyatt has finished year 10 two years ahead of his peers and is ready to embark on year 11 and 12. an exciting, yet scary, time for us both!

Precious Tim is still with us, and we are enjoying being able to spoil and love him for a while longer. We are all going to be completely lost once he leaves, it will be very weird not having him around any more!

Bella really felt the cold this week, you can just see her brown head poking out from under that mound of washing and blankets! I also made individual pies one night for dinner, and my son finally retired his favourite pair of pants. Actually he had no choice, he ripped the crotch out completely! Nevertheless, I was hero mum and rescued them from the bin and turned them into cushions, with pockets, for his music room. Very cool!

And finally, a bit of a thrill for me, I stumbled upon a shop selling my favourite drink in the entire world – Portello! I first tried this as a child, and have loved it ever since. It is an odd flavour to describe, a bit like a grapey creaming soda. So delicious, and worth every penny of the $4! I would buy this by the crate if only I could find somewhere that stocked it.