Music Room

As regular readers will know, my son is OBSESSED with the guitar, and informs me almost daily that he *needs* another one. As much as I love to hear him playing, I do get rather tired of always having to pick up guitar plectrums from all over the house, and of constantly asking him to put bits of sheet music away.

This weekend I decided that enough was enough, and I turned part of downstairs into a music area for my son. A full repaint wasn’t in my budget, so I opted for music related images and words which I painted on with black paint. I also flicked paint all over, as he has a similar look in his room and loves it.

A couple of hooks on the wall for his guitars (we even cut out cardboard guitars to hang on the hooks so that the back of his real guitars don’t get scratched on the brickwork) , a couple of couches (the white one is one that he is in the process of decorating with Sharpies), a fridge (because even a musician needs to eat), drawers for storage and voila! He now has a music studio!

He is SUPER happy with it!