100 Reasons Remote Northern Territory Rocks!

  1. I live here!
  2. You can explore abandoned gold mines at Arltunga.
  3. The locals are genuine.
  4. You can canoe up the world famous Nitmiluk Gorge, spotting hidden waterfalls.
  5. We give new meaning to the word hot, and you will wonder how you ever thought that 40 degree Celsius was hot.
  6. You can conquer the world famous five day bushwalk at Jatbula Trail.
  7. You don’t need roadside assistance, everyone stops to help, the outback is not a place where you want to be stuck.
  8. We have vibrant red dirt.
  9. We are super inclusive of everyone, and celebrate Mardi Gras, Christmas, Chinese New Year, and numerous other ethnic specific holidays with equal enthusiasm.
  10. You can experience history at Hermannsburg.
  11. We have dozens of world famous attractions.
  12. There are endless places to go camping.
  13. You find yourself living by the adage of ‘make it, mend it, or go without’.
  14. You can experience the breathtaking views of Standley Chasm.
  15. We have the most perfectly clear sky, ideal for stargazing or cloud watching.
  16. You can see the aliens at Wycliffe Well.
  17. Our local newspaper is informative and funny, bringing the best news stories, such as the marshmallow shortage, and the local madam leaving town!
  18. We have some of the best places to go 4WDing.
  19. We are home to Australia’s Greatest Desert Race.
  20. You can live in thongs (the shoes, not the other kind).
  21. People say what they mean, there is no sugar coating things in the territory!
  22. We have the world class Royal Flying Doctor Service in case we need lifesaving medical treatment, and it is free.
  23. Our sunrises and sunsets are a vivid explosion of colour, painting the sky with reds, purples and oranges unlike anywhere else on earth.
  24. We are champions at fundraising for worthy causes.
  25. You can soak away your worries in the thermal pool of Mataranka.
  26. We have such a magic serene quietness.
  27. We have a world famous Beanie Festival.
  28. We have one of Australia’s only tropical limestone cave systems, the Cutta Cutta caves.
  29. You will learn to become self reliant.
  30. Our unofficial slogan is CU in the NT, which I personally love.
  31. Most people have a basic knowledge of first aid, just in case you get in trouble.
  32. You can enjoy the dry river regatta, the oldest and craziest event in the territory.
  33. In most remote towns, wearing a bra is fairly unusual, whether you are at home or in public. Best. Thing. Ever!
  34. You can see Karlu Karlu, otherwise known as the Devil’s Marbles.
  35. If you can manage to live here, you can live anywhere!
  36. Want to experience an out of the way, high clearance 4WD only adventure? Head out to the Davenport Ranges.
  37. You can meet the clever women of Julalikari Arts, north of Tennant Creek, and watch as they create their amazing art.
  38. You can take part in the Desert Harmony Festival.
  39. You can ride in a camel cup, no experience required. Seriously. As long as you sign a waiver, you are good to go.
  40. You can legally buy, and let off, fireworks on Territory Day.
  41. Living here makes you appreciate what you have a whole lot more.
  42. You can view the harsh landscape from the comfort of The Ghan, one of the worlds best rail journeys, covering 3000 kilometres.
  43. We have hundreds of kilometres of cycling trails that surgically slot you into the landscape, for all levels of riders.
  44. We are the only Australian state to have two World Heritage listed national parks.
  45. You can enjoy the ultimate self-drive wilderness adventure at Seven Emu Station.
  46. There is always an event happening.
  47. Our landscape is like something from an alien planet.
  48. The most interesting characters live in the Territory.
  49. Because it takes days to travel outside of the Northern Territory, we are very conscious of making our annual leave really count.
  50. You will find yourself acquiring skills you never thought you ever would (snake catcher, bush handyman, mechanic).
  51. You can enjoy a quad bike ride through Rum Jungle with the NT Adventure Park.
  52. Home schooling is a valid and supported educational option, with many home school groups throughout the Territory.
  53. You can tell if someone is a tourist because they walk on the pedestrian crossing, instead of close enough to the pedestrian crossing.
  54. We have a pretty special light festival.
  55. Having a home birth is considered a natural and valid option, supported by local midwives.
  56. The local kids are happier than their city counterparts..
  57. There are never a shortage of jobs.
  58. You can take part in a stockman’s camp tucker night.
  59. You don’t get the humidity of the capital city of Darwin, thank heavens!
  60. There is a huge cohort of creative souls in remote NT, writers, singers, musicians, you name it. The territory is a great place to get creative.
  61. A lot of medical professionals are keen to get remote experience for their resume, and there is a good chance that you will see a specialist with little waiting time.
  62. It is a more relaxed vibe, people are less stressed.
  63. Ice blocking is a popular event at birthday parties. And a whole lot of fun!
  64. We have such weird and wonderful public holidays – Picnic Day anyone?
  65. Also, we have more public holidays than any other state.
  66. We have over 400 species of birds, 150 mammals, 300 reptiles, 50 frogs, 60 species of freshwater fish, hundreds of species of marine fish, and, new species of fish, frogs, reptiles, invertebrates and plants are constantly being discovered.
  67. We have woodlands, riverine, range, and gorge habitats for birds to live in, and are home to over 400 species of birds.
  68. You can win $1,000,000 just for catching a barramundi.
  69. We are home to one of the most famous day walks in the country, the 9.4km base walk around Uluru.
  70. People who choose to live in remote Northern Territory have a great affinity for others who also choose to make this unique lifestyle theirs, it is mateship at its best.
  71. We love celebrating desert life, and have a dedicated Desert Festival.
  72. We are home to the world-famous Larapinta Trail, a 223km bushwalking track that runs through the MacDonnell Ranges, voted by National Geographic as one of the world’s top 20 treks.
  73. You can explore colourful ochre pits.
  74. You can relive history at the protected historical reserve of the Alice Springs Telegraph Station.
  75. Our mail delivery is rather…unpredictable. It can take up to six weeks for something to be delivered from Sydney. The reason this is a good thing, is because you never know when something will arrive, it is a surprise every day!
  76. You can discover megafauna fossils at Alcoota Station.
  77. Walk through the beauty and mystery of the Alice Springs Desert Park.
  78. See the majestic sandstone pillars of the Lost City at Cape Crawford.
  79. You can cruise Corrobboree Billabong, home to the largest population of saltwater crocodiles.
  80. You can visit Injalak Hill in Arnhem Land and view one of the most important rock art areas in the world.
  81. You can pop over to the Tiwi Islands.
  82. Where else can you do a helicopter pub crawl?
  83. We rock at studying secondary and tertiary level courses online and via other external means.
  84. We get tourists and workers from all around the world, meaning you get to connect and make friends with people from other countries, without leaving your town.
  85. We are huge dog lovers, nearly every house has at least one.
  86. Where else will Santa bring you an icy pole on the back of his ute?
  87. Sometimes you will feel very daring, living in the remote Northern Territory, especially when the road or rail line is cut and your local Woolworths or Coles runs out of milk and other essentials.
  88. Excitement takes on a whole new meaning. Forget the royal wedding or baby, we watch the clouds for rain, and half the town turns out to see the usually dry river start to flow.
  89. We have the country’s most remote set of traffic lights at Daly Waters, 500km from the next set!
  90. Three words: Blacken Open Air.
  91. Unlike our counterparts in big cities, nothing in remote towns is replaced until it literally falls apart. Drive from Alice Springs to Hermannsberg and you will see random strollers and cars, just left where they have finally given in and refused to go any more.
  92. We have a great sense of humour, at the Alice Springs K-Mart you can buy a surfboard.
  93. Local council is more accessible to the every day person, and more accountable, as there is nowhere to hide in small towns.
  94. We have the best vanilla slice in Australia.
  95. We have the largest number of traditional rock carvings for you to explore and learn about.
  96. You will never be late on Territory time, which is a law unto its own.
  97. We apparently have illegitimate royals living here.
  98. From folk and reggae, to hip hop and dance floors, our Wide open Spaces festival will be sure to have something for everyone to enjoy.
  99. You can be a farmer, everyone grows or produces something in their garden here, from eggs and lemons, to honey and pumpkins. People are always swapping and trading their fresh produce.
  100. Apparently there are more single men in the Territory than single women. As a gorgeous woman (inside and out) who is still single, I don’t know if I really believe this statistic.