Wishlist Wednesday: Mother’s Day

Today’s wishlist was going to be all about my son, until I realised that Mother’s Day is in less than two weeks! So now, it is all about me lol!

Here is my wishlist for Mother’s Day, in no particular order.

  1. Willow Tree Figurine “Quest”. As the mother of a son, I adore these mother and son ornaments, and have collected them for years. I buy mine from Ebay, but no doubt you can find them elsewhere too.
  2. Hot Pink Guitar Pick Earrings. These are so funky, and as the mother of a future rock star, I obviously need these! Find them on Etsy, from DynamicMaven.Guitar
  3. National Geographic Monopoly. As a family of game obsessed geeks, we will never have enough board games, and this one sounds really fun.
  4. UV Jellyfish Earrings. I am obsessed with jellyfish, they are my favourite animal, and hopefully one day I shall travel to Thailand to swim with them. In the meantime, I hope to wear them, thanks to SugrMama on Etsy.Jelly
  5. This Stonehenge charm for my charm bracelet. One of the best days of my life was visiting Stonehenge, it is so magical and I cannot wait to go back!
  6. A wire Do Rag from AntiCraft on Etsy. My favourite is the leopard print.
  7. Tim Tam and Mint Slice earrings. You can buy these in a set or get one of each, which is what I would do, after all, how can I possibly choose a favourite? These are on Etsy, from CheekyLittleMonkeysJ.
  8. Royal Essence Candles. I have talked about these on my blog before, I love them, they last for hours, smell divine, and you get some jewellery hidden inside.
  9. Any of the floral headbands from GardensOfWhimsy on Etsy. I am a repeat customer of this seller, and have been for years. Her items are gorgeous! I had so many in my collection, until my sweet Bella found them as a puppy and had the greatest joy in dismantling them all with her teeth!Head
  10. I Am Enough ring, from the Etsy seller fromtheinternet. I adore this ring, have for years, and have just bought it for myself (yay!, thanks Wyatt!). I have bought from this seller before, and they are such great quality, I love them.ring
  11. A moonstone ring. Moonstone is my very favourite gemstone, yet I don’t own any…Yet!