Wishlist Wednesday

As regular reader’s of my blog will know, I am a registered foster mum, a role I relish, being passionate about making a real and tangible difference in the lives of others, especially those less fortunate than myself.

As with foster carers worldwide, there is always something that is needed to be purchased or replaced, and with that in mind, today’s wishlist is all about my foster babies (I am expecting a couple of new family members within the next week or so, both under a year old), and things I still need or want, to buy for them.

  1. Tandem Umbrella Stroller. This one looks perfect for what I am needing (compact when folded, lightweight, lays back), plus it is a really good price.
  2. This cot mobile, or something similar, it is bright and unisex, too adorable! I am really hoping to find one that is musical, as kids thrive with music.
  3. Mattress protectors. I only have the one at the moment, which was okay for our desert summers, but now that the weather has cooled down, I really need to get a couple more. The same goes for cot sheets (isn’t this set cute!).
  4. Bottles of all shapes and sizes.
  5. A microwave. I currently do not have one, as I just could not justify the expense when all I use it for is to make hot cocoa! However, with bottles to warm and sterilize, a microwave would be a timesaver!
  6. Flannelette wraps and cot blankets. Now the weather has cooled, I need heavier wraps and blankets (aren’t these so snuggly looking).
  7. A baby carrier. Babies need to be held in order to foster a positive attachment, and foster babies especially crave the attachment and closeness.
  8. Unisex winter clothes, especially leggings, socks, beanies, shirts and wondersuits. Some of these sweethearts come with nothing, and I like to make sure that they leave with at least one complete outfit if possible.
  9. A port-a-cot. I like the idea of using one of these instead of a playpen, as the bottom is up off the floor, which, in my house, is tiles and concrete and very cold in winter.
  10. A baby monitor. I have a large house, a music obsessed teenager, a deaf mother, and two noisy neighbours! I think a baby monitor will be a wise investment.

So there you have it. Next week my wishlist will be all about my music obsessed teenaged son.